How To Create A Strong Five-Paragraph Essay About Romeo And Juliet

There are many historic tales that have the ability to inspire millions because of the unique perspectives they contain. As a result, many of these themes have becomes staples around which many modern stories are formulated for theater and movie purposes. One such story is Romeo and Juliet, a tale that has been retold in countless different ways.

When constructing an essay, one must consider various factors that any well written essay should possess, despite the type. Stay within the boundaries of the following guidelines and you will be well on your ways towards creating a strong five paragraph essay about Romeo and Juliet:

  1. Formulate a hypothesis
  2. While this may not be a scientific venture, a well formulated hypothesis can be very useful in this instance all the same. Making an assumption about the original story can give you a place to start from, help you paint a picture around the original material and devise a whole new way of perceiving the story.

  3. Choose a title
  4. Now that you have a hypothesis, formulate a title around this trend of thought. This will give your title meaning, since your entire paper will be based around the assumption made in the hypothesis, whether it is found to be true or not. Do not create a title that is too long, select three or four bold words that vaguely describe your theme.

  5. Gather your evidence from the original
  6. Any good story requires substance and to have substance, one must provide a framework for the claims made in the story. Be sure to include elements from the original story to give your retelling the same flavor of the original story, along with your own.

  7. Present you analysis
  8. Now that you have presented the reader with your evidence, you should set out to show how your facts line up with your assumptions. Try to be objective when you can and only stretch the story when necessary to support your hypothesis. You should only invent details for scenes that were not covered in the original, allowing your story to fall nicely into the well known, original rendition.

  9. End with a good conclusion
  10. Your conclusion should give your reader a sense of completion after reading your rendition, even if your ending is different from that of the original. This was also a highly emotional story, though many people share different opinions about the romance contained within, be sure to include this element in your conclusion.