Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was a popular American actor after which she became a popular American politician. He served as the 33rd governor for the state of California for eight years after which she served as the 40th president of United States for two terms.

Ronald Reagan was born and raised in a small town in the state of Illinois. After graduating from college he worked as a radio broadcaster. This interest in acting and voiceovers caused him to move to Hollywood where he started his career first in films and then television. He was actually depressing for the screen actors Guild and served as a popular spokesperson for General Electric.

Before his election as president he ran against JFK. This Particular presidential race was famous because it was the first televised race. For the first time people could visibly see the presidential debates taking place during an election and hear them. Prior to this point they were only able to listen in on the radio. This broadcast was unique. JFK had a particular Finesse about his person and was somebody charismatic and well-liked by those who saw him. At the start of this debate Ronald Reagan was seated and JFK entered the room. Ronald Reagan looked distressed and nervous for the majority of the show and he started the show by standing up to greet JFK and hitting his head on one of the stage lamps. Those who saw this on television noted his physical distress and bought that at the end of the debate JFK had clearly one because of his calm presence and his improved physical demeanor. Oddly enough the people who listened to the debate on the radio, those who were unable to see the faces of the two candidates came out of the presidential discussion believing that Ronald Reagan was in fact the winner and that he had proposed significantly better reforms and potential legislation, that which could actually be implemented whereas JFK did not propose anything legitimate.

After JFK was shot and his vice president took over Ronald Reagan ran for the office of the presidency yet again. But this time he came back shifting to the Republican Party and delivered great results. He had supported the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater in 1964 after which he was encouraged to seek the position of California governor. He won the role of California governor twice after which he went on again to run for the office of the presidency. He won two times defeating Jimmy Carter.