The Top 7 Most Intriguing Topics For Your Informative Essay

It can sometimes be tempting when writing an informative essay to go into overdrive. Depending upon the content, they can also sometimes be incredibly dull and boring, and the last thing that you want to do is send your lecturer to sleep just when you are hoping to impress them. There will be a competition among your fellow students as to who can come up with the most interesting topic. I would suggest that if it is an above average grade that you are looking for, that you need to raise the stakes even further and come up with a new twist or angle. Something that no-one is expecting.

Here are seven suggestions for you:

  1. Serial Killers are a good place to start as most people can’t resist a gory and macabre true life story. If you do go down this route, then you need to keep the fact that you are writing an essay and not a work of fiction or dramatization in the forefront of your mind. You also need to find your unique selling point. Female serial killers like Rose West are worth considering, as are serial killers who commit their crimes while they are still children.
  2. Human Trafficking is also an incredibly emotive and hot political topic. I would suggest incorporating hard statistics with a human angle. Research recent examples of human trafficking in your local area, and explore the impact that it has not just on the individuals involved but for society as a whole.
  3. Forced marriages tick a lot of boxes with most people. Again, you could look at the statistics and explore how women who are forced into marriages like this suffer. If you wanted to flip it completely on its head, you could look at the impact on the groom. It is not always just the bride that is forced into an unwanted union.
  4. Friendship – We all love our friends, but most friendships are multi-layered and with the divorce rate soaring, often last longer than marriages. You could explore the meaning of friendship. Or find examples and stats about the benefits of friendship on our emotional wellbeing and health.
  5. Breast Cancer in men. Mercifully, great strides have been taken to raise awareness of breast cancer in women, but what about men? Research the statistics. Is it ignorance, or the stigma associated with it that prevents men seeking help?
  6. Alcoholism among young, professional women – Alcoholics are often perceived as being middle-class men. However, there are a lot of statistics out there that would suggest that young, professional women are at an increased risk. Explore this.
  7. Abortion. This is a well-trodden path, and I would suggest flipping it on its head and looking at it from the point of view of the grandparents.