A List Of Intriguing Division Essay Topics For High School Students

Writing a division essay is something you can have troubles with during your academic career. Moreover, when you have enough problems with writing itself, here you will need to spend some time even choosing the topic. So, first, a few tips on selecting the topic that will be interesting for you and acceptable for yout teacher: Think about an object, process or action you come across every day. It will be easy to write on and at the same moment will attract attention of your reader.

  • Look deeply into it. Is there anything on this topic people are not very familiar with or don't pay much attention? Would you like to know more about it?
  • Your task will be to divide your topic into categories that are important in regards to your general topic and are meaningful, so think over the possibilities before you agree on one topic.

If your teacher leaves the topic for you to choose, you have a variety of fields to choose from. You may choose something you have covered in class or something that you personally like. Think about yoru hobbies or soemthing you know a lot about, but make sure it will be interesting for someone else as well. If you have absolutely no idea, in which direction to move, check out our list of possible topics.

  1. Online educational resources. Divide by accessibility, type of information, level of study covered, single/multiple subjects information provided etc.
  2. TV shows. Divide by genre, audience type, participants.
  3. Students prepariring to an exam. Think about your friends and yourself and try to eliminate typical features.
  4. Video-gamers. If you are one, think of a group you could put yourself into. If you play online, find examples of people, who don't fit into your group.
  5. Teachers. You can build groups, based on your high school experience, but be careful with examples.
  6. Birthday congratulations. Look for examples from your last year birthday.Some call you, others send presents or greetings cards, text you or leave a message for you on Facebook.
  7. Horror movies. Divide by main horror, type of main characters, ending etc.
  8. Physical exercises. If you are a sport-addict, write a guide to hlpe people start healty habits.

As you can see, a division essay can cover almost every aspect of your everyday life, if different is not specified by your teacher. Look around and something will pop into your mind.