Preparing For The GED Exam: A List Of Common Essay Topics

A GED exam is one of the most important tests for students who want to earn scholarships and secure admissions in their desired institutes. Many students find it hard to write an essay during the GED exam because it is spontaneous and you do not know what topic you will have. It is best to read various past papers and search for essay topics in the past so that you are prepared for the paper. The topics for the essay in a GED exam depend upon the education level of the students. You will not have to write about something complex and that you know nothing about. It depends upon the exam officers who make your paper to give any kind of essay. It is best to practice before the exam and master the art of writing an essay so that you can attempt the exam without any hitch.

Below are some common essay topics you will receive during a GED exam

  1. The impact of pollution on the aquatic life and sea animals
  2. The relationship between success and creativity
  3. Leadership qualities are innate or can they be developed through learning?
  4. What is the ideal sleeping time for a young adult and how does it affect our lives
  5. Domestic violence and unemployment have a direct relation to each other.
  6. Is it possible to create a world where there is no racism, biasness, religious conflicts, honor killings and division for humans into classes? If yes, how do you suggest we can do it?
  7. Should lifesaving drugs be cheap? The elasticity of demand for these is extremely high. Is it possible to avoid monopoly and moneymaking and make the medicine available for everyone?
  8. What are the similarities and differences between monopolistic competition and a monopoly?
  9. A common understanding about the extinct species of nature and why stopped existing
  10. What is the effect of stress on productivity level of a person
  11. Is it easy to have a career oriented job and work for some big brand rather than offering freelance services to whoever you like
  12. Does love allow people to respect others opinions or only to expect a consent on every decision
  13. If you had a choice to exchange roles for one day who would it be and why
  14. Is there a possible relation between child abuse and rebellious nature
  15. Is levitation actually possible or is it a myth only

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