Popular Culture

With the increase in the growth and advancement of technology, people are getting more exposed to many things. A major item of concern is the popular culture. It is also known to many and especially in the media as pop culture. Pop culture has many definitions and it mostly depends on how you choose to see it. There are, however, some common aspects that are associated with it and are the ones used in defining it. It revolves around the trends and the image that is created by certain issues. Pop culture can be realized by merely observing a large group of people or society and their interests. The media has been widely criticized for promoting the pot culture. However, I believe that pop culture will depend on one se3lf. It will affect everyone, but it is upon you to choose what you want. It has got both the negative and the positive influence. What you want to concentrate on will in the end affect you. The people that are at a significant risk of this influence are the teens. They are growing and ready to experiment. It will most certainly define how they act, dress and even look like. Ladies are also significantly affected by the pop culture than men. This is because of the conception that anything beautiful is associated with women. There are thus a lot of images and stuff about girls and being sexy.

Effects of Popular Culture on the Teens

The major issue with the youths is self-definition. It will be substantially defined by what they read and see in the media. Their personal decisions that will tell who they are will be affected and influenced by the media. The pop culture will also provide a benchmark that will dictate to what extent the teens will choose and make decisions. We should, however, appreciate the impact that is played by the background in the definition of oneself. Teens also tend to imitate many things that they see. They will identify with personalities in the media and imitate them.

Imitation and Branding

The copying altitude may sometimes lead to the promotion of the wrong traits like violence and dangerous sexuality. These will, however, depend on individuals as there are also some youths exposed to the same issues but chose to do things differently. When addressing such issues, we should be keen to pinpoint specific questions and not generalizing issues. This will give allow for solution-oriented approaches that can help.