A List Of Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle Schoolers

If you are looking for a list of argumentative essay topics for middle schoolers consider the following:

  • One of the best ideas for a list of argumentative essay ideas for middle schoolers is to argue one way or the other about school lunch programs. You can choose to argue about the effectiveness of school lunch programs to really provide students who are on special lunch tickets with a healthy diet. You might instead prefer to argue that all of the food options available to students purchasing their lunches are unhealthy. You might highlight the changes that your school has made or the changes that other schools have made with your school might benefit from implementing. Healthy eating among children remains one of the more prevalent topics in the media today and there are many resources available to help you truly understand what growing children need compared to what is being offered in schools.

  • Another great idea on the list of argumentative essay subjects for middle schoolers is to focus on certain school rules and regulations and argue whether they are good or bad. You might take an existing rule in your particular school that you think is detrimental to students or somehow harmful. You can write about a rule that you see implemented in another school which you think might benefit your school. Instead you might consider focusing on which rules you think are very good such as having students stay on campus for lunch or wear uniforms to school.

  • One other great idea on the list of argumentative essay topics for middle schoolers is to focus on testing and how your school implements tests for students. You might find that the examination process used by your school create a very stressful atmosphere and causes students to panic and do very poorly on their test even if they know the material very well. You could suggest alternative testing methods to determine how much students have understood.

  • You can also draft a paper about parenting methods and which method your parents use compared to a method used by one of your friends’ parents. You can see how they compare and which ones science says are most effective. From that you can offer some form of suggestion as to which parenting method might be most efficient and how other parents can be taught to use it.