Paper Topic Ideas: Thinking Outside The Box

Working on that big term paper? We know you probably want to get the best grades that you can, and there are a few tips that can help you to think outside the box as you work on your materials.

As you work on ideas to come up with a good topic, you may want to think about things such as:

  • current events
  • social media
  • day-to-day life

Because you want your paper to be relevant and you want to get a really good grade, look at something like a current event, which can help to ensure that your paper has quality as you work on different aspects of it.

Look at today's news, and you can find many topics. For ideas, you can check out:

  • The New York Times - articles on topics relating to things that happened recently, politics, business and local news
  • The Wall Street Journal - events in the news, business articles, tech, finance and self-help

Another great way to find resources resourceful material that you can utilize in your paragraphs in your work, is a check online. Since your professor has likely given you just a general subject matter, you can use this and google it and do various searches based on the subject, and see if you can find relevant articles from there.

Also consider, looking for material through social media. For example if you were asked, to write about a marketing related peace, you might want to look at companies like Facebook, and how they generate add dollars in revenue through their marketing efforts, or Shopify and how their search engine optimization can help with business initiatives.

Next, with day-to-day life, you may want to consider things that are just in your local neighborhood or around you. For example, maybe you see a big recycling effort in your neighborhood, and this has inspired you to think about global warming initiatives. You could write on a case that relates to you as this is close to your heart. Maybe you live in a building where everyone recycles except one person, and you could use that on a smaller scale as an intro but in a more global effort, the bulk of your paper could be a comparison with China which has some of the highest greenhouse gas emissions, but they don't do their part to ensure that they recycle or invest in better renewable energy.

There are so many ways to come up with topics. It’s just a matter is thinking outside of the norm, or in this case, outside of the box, to find great, relevant content for your work.