Looking For Well Written Essay Examples For Sixth-Grade Student

Grade 6 stands for the pre-high school period. It is a phase when the cognitive development of the child is in full bloom. In this period, a child is expected to know basic counting, basic English grammatical knowledge, ability to write a short paragraph on general and usual topics. As a sixth grader, the child depends to a great extent upon his/her parents or teacher for help in studies. So the one guiding the child must have a thorough knowledge about the writing or learning pattern appropriate at this stage.

One of the most significant things that a sixth grader should know is how to write a paper. The teachers in schools regularly give sixth graders the task of writing on general topics. It is one of the best ways to develop writing habits in the child. A child must also be thoroughly coached at home. For the convenience of both the instructor and parents on how to help the child write a proper English essay, there are some good and updated guide books available. One can also rely on the search engines, which are replete with a number of web pages on how to guide a sixth-grader to become a good writer.

Writing Patterns:

A sixth-grade student must follow a basic writing pattern at this stage. This includes:

  • Proper Grammar - All the tenses and prepositions must be properly placed to make the sentence meaningful. Usage of punctuations, using capital words after a sentence ends with a period should be carefully taught.

  • Sentence Structure - The child must know the use of short complex or compound sentence, using transitive or intransitive verb where required.

  • Structure of the Paper - The student must know that an essay is generally composed of three parts: the introduction, body and conclusion. The mentor and the parents must teach the child how to introduce, define and conclude a topic. For example, if the child is going to write about a bookfair, he/she must know that in the introduction, he/she should write the importance of books and that the bookfair is important, in the body how a book fair is conducted and in the conclusion, why a bookfair is required. This basic pattern must be followed.

  • Logical Interpretation - The sentences that the student is writing should make sense. The meaning should be proper.

The above-mentioned points must be remembered while teaching a sixth-grade kid. It must be remembered that in this stage a student is generally made to do descriptive-type writing, emphasising mainly the “How”. The instructor for his/her convenience can look for easy and well-written examples of this type of essay by searching various web pages or going through a variety of books. One can get examples in abundance as well as a guide to the writing pattern demanded in various classes. This will be easier for the mentor to get a grip on how to coach the students on writing an essay.

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