The 16 Best Persuasive Essay Topics About Mental Health

Mental health

Mental health deals with all our moods, behavior, and emotions. It includes all our reactions to stress and other behavior related problems. For example, how does somebody react towards stress or how does someone react, when he is experiencing anxiety?

It discusses all mental related problems and illnesses from childhood to adulthood. It tells somebody how to make choices and evaluate decisions for important steps in life. A large number of issues relate to illness of mental state of a person like panic, shame, phobias, suicide, stress anxiety, eating disorders. A patient of mental health can be cured with behavioral therapies, psychotherapies, and medication.

Persuasive essay

If you are to write a persuasive essay on mental health then you first need to understand the purpose and style of such assignment. This is the type of essay where the writer has to take a stance in the paper unlike other common types. You cannot create an argument if you do not take a stance and only add information about the given subject. You not only take a stance but also prove it to your readers with the help of factual data and relevant evidence. You would develop strong logical arguments and include supporting evidence to each of these arguments to convince the readers of your topic

Persuasive essay topics on mental health

The topic of your essay is critical because you define the overall scope of your work to your readers and provide a reason for them to continue reading your paper. Here are a few topics to keep in mind while choosing a topic for your paper

  1. Five symptoms of personality disorder
  2. What is social anxiety, causes and treatment
  3. Addiction of Drugs among teenagers, pros and cons
  4. Explain mental health law
  5. Discuss behavior therapies for mental disorders
  6. Can a child abuse lead to a mental disorder in future?
  7. Can family history be responsible for transferring stress and anxiety to you
  8. Living healthy life is expensive
  9. Obsessive compulsive disorder
  10. Best psychotherapies for drug addiction
  11. Can anxiety and stress result in ruining your relation?
  12. Depression can be inherited or not discuss
  13. Phobias
  14. Suicide
  15. Schizophrenia
  16. Learning disabilities
  17. Panic
  18. OCD obsessive- compulsive disorder counting disorder
  19. Shame
  20. Eating disorders
  21. Types of personality disorders
  22. Antisocial personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder