Top 20 Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

The best way to pick a good persuasive essay topic is to start early. As soon as you were given the assignment, start brainstorming different aspects of freedom of speech, what things you know and what things you don't know. Brainstorming early will give you a chance to be selective about your topic and not have to settle on something just because it is the easiest thing.

  1. You can write about the impact that Internet-based publishing will have on the future success of magazine companies, newspapers, and libraries
  2. You can craft a paper which explains how a captured playing truly helped to win the Second World War, focusing on the Japanese zero planes which was captured by the U.S. Navy
  3. You can discuss web-based learning environments and how they are adapted to meet specific needs.
  4. Debate whether civil unions should be given the same legal rights as marriages
  5. Write about whether people should stop having children because they are no longer economically viable
  6. Write about whether freedom of speech says that creationism should be taught in science class the same as evolution
  7. Write about whether free travel throughout the states should limit police from stopping people with foreign plates
  8. Discuss the impact that having a garden has on family finances and income, as well as overall health
  9. Review whether children today feel that the electoral college is a waste
  10. Write about the biggest impact a president has had on America
  11. Write about whether schools should be required to incorporate vegetarian and vegan options in elementary, middle, and high school
  12. Discuss whether bullying teaches children to stand up for themselves
  13. Write about whether students should have free access to condoms and other birth control no matter their age
  14. Write about whether a dress code is better for self esteem in younger children, particularly in middle school
  15. Review a current policy in your school which you think should be amended and why.
  16. Do you think that students should be subject to locker checks and backpack searches?
  17. Should students have to undergo drug tests to participate in extra curricular activities or does this merely
  18. serve to turn students away from potentially beneficial activities?
  19. Write about whether curfew should be set by a government or by parents
  20. Discuss what age students should be allowed to work
  21. Write about whether you think religion should be taught in high school