Choosing Great Persuasive Essay Topics: 10 Health-Related Ideas

When you are choosing a topic for your persuasive essay, you will be choosing a controversial issue. It is not always easy to choose a topic for your paper because when you start thinking about it, you draw a blank. Having a list of health-related ideas will help you come up with a relevant and interesting topic. You will need to take a stand on the issue and then work to build strong support for your stand by persuading your audience to believe in your side of the issue.

Determining what topic to write about can be a little challenging in the fact that you will first have to consider the fact that you have to find a topic that is relevant to the health field and one that you have a strong opinion on so that you can be persuasive. Take a look at this list and see if anything catches your eye. You can also use this list to develop your own ideas.

  1. Should euthanasia be legal?
  2. Is stem cell research humane?
  3. Is animal testing humane?
  4. Should it mandatory to get vaccines?
  5. Abortion: Pro or Con
  6. Life support for brain dead patients
  7. Should people be allowed to sell their organs?
  8. Should people be allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes in public places?
  9. Should fast food restaurants market unhealthy food to children?
  10. Should you circumcise your baby?

Once you have decided on the topic to write your paper on, you should work on developing an outline to organize your ideas. It will help you make sure that you present your ideas in the best way possible to prove your points. It allows you to make sure that you focus on your thesis statement and not go off track. You can work to create a very meaningful thesis statement once you have pointed out the main points. Add transitional phrases to your outline and you will have almost half of your paper written already.

Now that you have chosen your topic and tested it out by creating an outline, the next step is to write your rough draft. Beef up your detailed outline and it will be your first attempt at your paper. It will be what you will edit until you come up with a perfect paper that works to express your ideas effectively.