A List Of Fresh Essay Topics: What Freedom Of Speech Means To Me 

Freedom of speech is one of the core rights that every U.S. resident is guaranteed by the Constitution. This means that everyone can talk about anything he or she considers important, and give his or her opinion on any problem that the world faces nowadays. Unfortunately, not all countries provide their citizens with such a freedom. However, it’s up to every person to decide whether they should stand their ground or not.

In the U.S. educational sphere, freedom of speech gives you an opportunity to state your views without the fear of being laughed at or scolded. It is a very good way to figure out what your beliefs are from a very early age and make other people around you think. So, when writing an essay, use you right to free speech as much as you can. It is always nice to choose original topics and not be afraid to express unpopular opinions, should you have any. If you do or don’t like something, let people know. It may so happen that you find someone who shares your opinions, or even change some things. So, if you were given an assignment to write an essay, this list of themes can give you an idea of how you can exercise your right to speak freely through text:

  1. Can we breed animals to experiment on them?
  2. Is the right to run prisons exclusive to the state?
  3. Life imprisonment or death sentence: which punishment is crueler?
  4. Animal rights and survival: are we not allowed to wear fur in extreme colds as well?
  5. Plastic surgery: does it make you more beautiful?
  6. Vegetarians vs. meat-eaters: the war that can never be won.
  7. Cutting off thieves’ hands: a medieval Asian cruelty or an effective punishment?
  8. Atheists and religious people: ways to tolerate each other’s views.
  9. Is a homosexual relationship any different from a heterosexual one?
  10. Do you think we talk enough about contraception?
  11. Should polygamy be socially acceptable?
  12. Talking about sex: embarrassing or necessary?
  13. What do you think of the elite culture?
  14. Black Square by Kazimir Malevich: a piece of art or a piece of trash?
  15. What do you think about social drinking?
  16. Young girls in pornography: is being 18 old enough?
  17. Do you think blondes really aren’t smart?
  18. Big sport: a competition that will ruin your body.
  19. What do you think of public executions in Asia?
  20. Hollywood smile: the obsession of today.