Strategic Marketing Plan: Porsche

Porsche has positioned themselves as one of the high price and high quality vehicles on the market. But they decided to start a new campaign to sell their cars for everyday use. Most people see a Porsche as impractical because this is a special car that you wouldn’t drive everyday but just on special occasions, so they set out to change this perception of the brand. Branding is very important to a company if they want to reach more customers and Porsche set out to change their brand to help boost sales.

The perception that most people have about a Porsche is that it is a racecar not matter what model they buy. They still wanted to focus on the engineering, performance, and their technology on the brand but wanted to show that it could be used everyday. They started this campaign with TV ads, direct mailers, and online and mobile advertisement. Their online presents came with a website that was dedicated to selling customers on the everyday use of the cars. They have videos, testimonials and photos of customers that use their car everyday. This started the conversation about it on their social media sites.

To get this campaign started they launched it during March Madness in larger markets like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. They launched during this time because they knew that most people would record the games to watch later and the people in their market group could afford to have a DVRs. After the launch of the commercials, Porsche’s marketing department started sending out direct mail brochures about the campaign, bought print advertisements, and even had a short film contest, which would air during the trailers before movies in the theaters.

When they were focusing on the demographic of the people to target, they expanded their normal market because they wanted to demonstrate to the consumer that a Porsche could be driven everyday. This gave the consumers a new way to look at the Porsche brand. This marketing strategy is different from the ones that they have done in the past because before this campaign, Porsche was only seen as a luxury car that people bought to show off but this campaign helped bring the racecar to the people that would drive it everyday. Porsche is a very popular brand and seventy percent of the ones ever sold are still on the road today.