Non-Public Smoking

The number of people who spoke increase every day. Despite the warning and the knowledge on the fatality of smoking, people are still engaging in these fatal and unethical practices. Although it is individual decision and a highly addictive behavior, the alarming growth rate of smokers has attracted the public interest and concern about their healthy and well being. This is because; smoking does not only negatively affect the health of the smoker but also the people within his environment. When people smoke in public the smoke travel through air and inhaled by other people who, though they do not smoke, find end up suffering from smoking related disorders and diseases.

As a result, non-public smoking has attracted controversial debate in various nations. The effect of the ban has remained the sole subject matter between the health officers and greed businessmen who intend to make millions of dollars from this lethal product. Surprisingly, despite the attempts by the health facilitators to educate people the harmful and deadly effects of smoking, the number of the smoker is far from declining.

Effects of Smoking on Non-Smokers

Research studies affirm that most smoking related threatening conditions are as a result of second hand smoking. The human health conditions could be drastically developed if non-public smoking is fully enforced. This would assist to eliminate risk factors of tobacco and protect non-smoker from inhaling cigarette smoke from other people. It is not ethically right for people to inhale these health hazard products from other people’s immoral behaviors. Through non-public smoking, the pollution of public environment will be reduced as well as the chronic health hazards related to smoking.

Importance of Non-Public Smoking

The non-public smoking affects every person either directly or indirect and can be noticed within a very short span of time. However, the enforcement of free public smoking has drawn a lot of arguments some in favor while others against the ban. Those who are against non-public smoking argue that they are deprived their right of choice. However, non public smoking intends reducing the increasing rate of smokers as well as protects the health rights of non-smokers.

However, the non-public smoking should be understood and measured in a better way so as not to oppress the smoker. In fact, smokers should not be treated like misfit in the society, but they must respect those who do not smoke when in a public locations. Every person acknowledges that the smoke free location is ideal for human health, and therefore it is the responsibility of the both non-smokers and smokers to ensure they have ideal environment.