Where To Find Good Examples Of Personal Narrative Essays

A personal narrative is an essay that explains an event that has happened to you. You would want to write about something that was significant that either happened to you personally or that happened to someone that you know. It is designed to teach the art of storytelling and works to get the writer to understand how to paint a picture with their words.

One of the best ways to start this assignment is by reading through a few examples to get ideas about what types of events you can write about. When you hear stories from other people about their experiences, it helps to remind you of similar things that have happened to you. You can also get an idea of how to format it and how it should sound.

  1. Writing guide
  2. There are guides that explain how to write various types of essays. You can get some general instructions on how to write a personal narrative and also get a few examples to help you understand exactly how it should be done.

  3. Writing service companies
  4. Professional writing service companies use example essays to promote their services. You can find samples on all sorts of papers.

  5. Image search
  6. Many samples are saved in an image format instead of a document format. You will be able to find examples that are in this format by searching an image search engine instead of the main search engine.

  7. Writing lab
  8. Check with the writing resource lab at your school to see if they have any copies. They usually keep several examples to help students. You can learn a lot from reading through a few samples.

It is a really good idea to start off reading through some samples so that you can gain a perspective of what the task entails. You can also use the topics to brainstorm some ideas of your own on what to write your paper on. It should be something that you can provide a lot of detail for. That way you will be able to write a good narrative.

Take note of how they explain the event. See how they explain the setting, the feeling, and the sounds. You will need to produce the same quality of work for your own paper. Note how they make you believe that you were right there with them the entire time.