Practical Guidelines For Choosing A Catchy Essay Title On Martin Luther King Jr.

The personality and life of Martin Luther King Jr. has forever been a topic of interest. Starting from his early life, to his becoming a Baptist minister, his “I have a dream” speech to his death, everything is a source of interest and inspiration. Born in the late 1920s in Atlanta, Georgia, he rose to be one of the greatest orators America and even the world has ever seen. It is only natural that writing about him would be a common part of any curriculum almost everywhere in the world. But the life that he led only makes it more difficult to write a worthy essay on him. There is so much written about him already that readers are unable to find a good enough article. Almost always, the title of the article or assignment or term paper is the one to initiate interest in a reader.

Tips on choosing a catchy essay title on Martin Luther King Jr.

You can rest assured that everyone who has ever written about Martin Luther King Jr., has tried every possible permutation and combination with the title of their paper. The title of your project should give an idea regarding the content or main body of your paper. So there should be some congruency between the two. Here are a few basic tips on how to make your work not get lost in the tide of all the commonplace titles:

  • Most people know him for his “dream” speech. Obviously, their title revolves around that speech. If you had similar intentions, try doing something original (which in this case is hard to do). You should at least play around with the title, like, “An illusion than a dream”, “Dream for the future”.

  • A controversial topic always gathers in more crowd than the ordinary ones. Though it is still a sensitive topic, try the racial side of his speech. For example, “Equality for the African Americans”.

  • A lesser method of approach to writing about Martin Luther King Jr. is comparing his speech with any current political leader or Orator. If your project’s title revolves around the similarities between his speech and any speech made by the current President of America, it’s sure to capture the attention of most potential readers and your teacher.

  • You might try focusing on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. rather than his life and incorporate that into your title.