American Graffiti

Graffiti and vandalism have always shared a controversial relationship from as long as the first graffiti was discovered dating back to ancient times. There are those who consider it as an art of expression, an art that is divine, an art that brings out an individual’s true essence as he puts down his soul onto a wall, subway, abandoned railways and buildings etc. But there are also those who consider it illegal. They consider it as an act of outrage by rubbishing their style of art openly something which destroys public property.

American graffiti has been popular ever since the 70’s, an era where the graffiti took over the American streets like a revelation. The key players of this field of art are and always have been the youngster which in fact is very evident because graffiti is motivated by their hot-bloodedness. It is the youth that faces challenges which they find hard to describe. They shy away from normal means of communication which is opting for words or a conversation. Hence they shift to a different kind of medium to display their feelings and emotions. Those who have a real knack for art and aesthetics in their make-up, pick up color spray cans, paint brushes to illustrate down their feelings. In that process they create an aura of griping mystery that invites various interpretations.

Mostly graffiti is an extension of an individual or a group’s wisdom and experience. It could be a common belief or a common stance towards the society, religion or politics. It is interesting that a graffiti artist is called a writer which in fact is very fitting. Their passion could be seen in the patterns; letters and shapes scribbled down in colors like any other intense artist. Just like the very famous painter Munch, who would illustrate his daemons on a canvas and create a dreadful piece of beauty out of it. Graffiti too shares the same stories as that of Munch.

Graffiti is considered an intriguing piece of work because it is unique with the way it projects expression and symbolism. It gives something that is normative a unique outlook which has the tendency to shake the core of the very base of the society; it’s said values and beliefs resulting in giving it a discrete revolutionary meaning.

Today graffiti is considered influential in the pop culture. It is supported and has become a sight for tourists to admire. It reflects the local culture of a place and brings out its own story. Graffiti could be as harmonious or chaotic as any piece of poetry. That is what makes it immortal.