8 Tips For Creating Extraordinary Essays On Abortion

When you write on a controversial topic, you want to be very careful with how you present the topic. One example of a common but often-unsuccessfully implemented essay topic is abortion. If you want to write an extraordinary essay on this topic, you will need to come up with a unique way of addressing it. The following are eight tips for creating an extraordinary essay on this contentious topic.

Tip 1: Be original and don’t rehash the same old arguments. The reason many professors don’t want to receive essay assignments on this topic is that students tend to echo the same arguments. Everything that could be said on both sides has already been said, so try to figure out how you could contribute to the discussion in a different way instead of repeating the same overdone arguments.

Tip 2: Choose your focus carefully. Narrow the focus of your paper to make it manageable. Choosing too broad of a topic will result in a less-than-stellar paper because you won’t be able to adequately cover a subject that could fill a book (or collection of books) in only a few pages. Instead, try to look at a very specific aspect of abortion for your assignment.

Tip 3: Know your writing purpose. Are you trying to persuade your audience to believe something or take action? Are you seeking to inform your readers? Are you going to analyze an aspect of the topic? Your purpose will determine how you approach the subject and what you need to do to achieve your objective. If you are writing to persuade, you should take a stance on an issue and use rhetorical appeals to convince readers. Conversely, if you are writing an informative paper, you will want to avoid adding opinion or argument.

Tip 4: Consider your audience. If you are trying to persuade your audience to agree with you, it will be very difficult if you choose to cover the same old abortion debate. If you are writing a persuasive essay, determine how you could persuade someone who doesn’t agree with your position. What strategies would work? What information do you need to include? What evidence do you need to present?

Tip 5: Consider and address many different perspectives. Even if you are writing a persuasive essay, consider alternate positions on the topic. Demonstrate to your audience that you have considered all sides of the issue and arrived at your conclusions based on a wealth of information instead of just based on your own opinions.

Tip 6: Along the same lines, research effectively. Develop ethos (credibility) by citing information from credible sources, avoiding bias, and keeping your paper balanced. Although you might be arguing for one side of an abortion issue, you still want to show your audience that you have done your homework and considered their viewpoints as well.

Tip 7: Make your thesis arguable if you are writing a persuasive or argumentative paper. Your thesis is arguable when reasonable people could disagree with your argument. If your thesis isn’t arguable, there is no point in trying to argue for it because no reasonable person would disagree with you.

Tip 8: Finally, be thorough and fair. Regardless of your position on the topic, you will maintain your audience’s respect if you are thorough in your research and writing and present the issue in a fair and reasonable way. This will help you avoid alienating your audience; by holding your audience’s attention, you may get them to consider a position they never thought they would contemplate.