Evaluation Essay Writing: A Helpful Tutorial For Rookies

One kind of paper that you might be assigned at some point in your academic career is an evaluation essay. The purpose if this kind of paper is to take a subject—typically your subject will be a noun, so a person, place, or thing—and evaluate it for an aspect like quality. The different between an evaluation paper and an opinion paper is that in an evaluation paper your goal is to present an objective evaluation, based on identifiable criteria, rather than just your subjective opinion.

To learn how to write a great evaluation essay, follow this helpful tutorial:

  • Pick your subject
  • The first step in writing this kind of paper is to choose your subject. If your teacher has provided a topic for you, or even a wide range of possible topics, this process will be easier for you than if you have to come up with it entirely on your own. When picking a topic there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it should be a subject than can be objectively evaluated. That means that there should be some sort of quantifiable or measurable way of evaluating in, not just saying whether it is good or bad. This can make writing an evaluation paper on a person a bit tricky, unless you have some sort of statistics for the person, like you would for a professional athlete, that you can do your evaluation on. It also helps if your subject is something that is somewhat controversial or at least people would have differing opinions about. While it could be perfectly acceptable to write an evaluation paper about a chair, it probably wouldn’t be that interesting, because no one really cares about the chair.

  • Research our evidence
  • In order to provide compelling evidence for your evaluation, you will probably have to do some research. When you are researching try to be looking for the most quantifiable or measurable evidence you can find. Even if you are looking at a very credible or expert source, you can run into trouble if you are using someone else’s opinion to make your evaluation the same way you would if you were using your own opinion.

  • Lay your argument out in a detailed outline
  • Completing a good outline for your paper, and in turn your evaluation, will be very helpful for you in making sure it is well organized and methodically presented.