What Makes A Society Deeply Divided


Studies into Britain’s history shows class and money have long divided society in what is known as ‘The Great Divide’. Studies into modern practises of government, media and business shows that The Great Divide is something that still divides the society of Britain today and is not a phenomenon that belongs exclusively to the past. Class divisions therefore are just as strong today as they always have been and are not showing any signs of abating.


The Conservative political party has always been known to be a political party governed by those from privileged background. The Conservative party is in government in today and consists of men who were educated in the best of school establishments. It is not only government that private schooling has influenced but also religion. These top men and their schools include:

  • Prime Minister went to Eton and Oxford

  • The Mayor of London went to Eton and Oxford

  • The Archbishop of Canterbury

This shows that even in today’s society, a private education is the one that is needed for someone to be able to become someone and this is reserved only for families with money.


The working class has seen policies that are believed to encourage further poverty and depression for those in receipt of benefits and low incomes. Since the government have consisted of people from privileged backgrounds, there have been many changes for those people who are on low incomes and those who are in receipt of benefits. These changes have included:

  • Sanctions of benefits

  • Introduction of extra bill for those on benefits known as the bedroom tax

  • Sickness benefits being cut or taken away for many

These changes to the benefit system have angered many people who belong to the working classes. They claim that benefit sanctions such as this has increased poverty among those who are unable to support themselves. In addition to this the increase of foodbanks provides evidence that yes things are getting worse for many people in Britain today.


The policies that the elite government ministers have put into place have greatly divided the society of Britain today. The poor classes believe that the elite have made the country a place for the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer. This in turn has caused much hatred between the classes as they remain further apart instead of being united.