Violence In Egypt: A Throttle Of Democracy

Though it is not rational to target innocent people for any political circumstance, it has been the common phenomenon all over the world since time immemorial. The megalomaniac people with the help of their directionless followers, involve in spreading violence and it results into the victimization of the innocent citizens of the country. Freedom, right of opinion and security are some of the basic elements of democracy. The violence takes away the basic rights of the people to live a happy and secure life supported by the economic prosperity. But in Egypt, due to the political unrest and their violent impact, no person has the assurance of such life. Egypt, the land of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, is going towards becoming the land of most barbarian and brutal activities of violence that lead to the suppression of democracy.

The violence in Egypt is the culmination of the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi in July 2013. On initial level, it was a fight between the legitimate President Morsi and his counterpart Abdel Fattah el-Sisi the former head of Military. Sisi was responsible for the overthrow of Mohammad Morsi. It is the systematic suppression of democracy, where the people’s opinion is crushed. Sisi, the current president is not democratically elected. According to the Pew Research the popularity of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is limited. Moreover, under Sisi’s leadership the country witnesses innumerable massacres.

This incident resulted into the severe violence that have broken all democratic values. There was a ceaseless violent incidents such as rioting and bombing. Around 2500 Egyptians have been killed while more than 17,000 have been injured seriously. Around 16000 people have been arrested. The terrorist attack is the casual routine phenomenon going on in Egypt. 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters under the leadership of Morsi were sentenced to death which was the largest capital punishment in the modern Egypt. Death sentence was just because they had declared guilty of killing a police officer.

The dream of democracy of Egyptians has shattered. The concept of democracy has just been a utopian world for them that can never be possible in the presence of violence. They prefer stability to democracy. In such situation, it is the responsibility of the leading democratic nations to take the step towards building confidence in democracy in the minds of Egyptians through lessening violence and ensuring a free, stable and prosperous life to them.