A List Of The Most Inspiring Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Sports

In a compare and contrast essay of this type, your teacher is asking you to write about the similarities and differences between two distinct sports. The most important thing to remember in this type of writing is that your evidence for each subject must carry equal weight, that is to say trying to draw parallels between weightlifting and motor racing would be difficult but you can make connections between motor racing and sailing.

To begin your paper you must first research the differences and similarities between your two chosen activities, let us take motor racing and sailing. The ideal way to detail these is in a Venn diagram, placing the similarities in the overlapping part and the differences in the separate circles. Choose the most meaningful.

In writing your paper, the five paragraph format is modified slightly. The introduction remains the same but in the first body paragraph you describe both recreations, in the second body paragraph you set side by side the similarities and in the final body paragraph weigh the differences against each other. In an advanced format, you might consider adding an extra section before the conclusion pointing out the arguments that say comparing motor racing with sailing is too difficult, but clearly say why they are wrong. You finish your paper with a conclusion in the usual way.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about your essay.

  1. How about discussing the careers of your two favorite athletes or sport personalities
  2. If you want to get exciting how about considering how parachuting measures up against wingsuit gliding
  3. Make a distinction between Base jumping and sky diving
  4. Two different types of ballooning, for instance, cluster ballooning, and hopper ballooning
  5. Make connections between the archery forms of two different countries
  6. How does beach volleyball differ from water volleyball
  7. How might you look at para-Olympic volleyball and wheelchair basketball
  8. Is street ball the same as beach basketball
  9. What is the difference between “the Massachusetts game” and “the New York game” in baseball
  10. What is the similarity between sandboarding and snowboarding
  11. Is ice climbing comparable to traditional climbing?
  12. Kayaking and Canoeing are not the same activity, but they look nearly the same.
  13. Downhill mountain biking versus the Tour de France
  14. Wrestling and sumo are both martial sports, how do they match
  15. How are Judo and Aikido different