Charles P. Ginsburg: Innovator And Inventor

In modern times, very little of what we watch exists in a physical form. We stream data wirelessly and are able to see our favorite shows, episode after episode without ever handling a physical copy of them. This was not always the case. Much of the things we enjoy were only possible due to the initial steps in the direction of progress made by people who we may not have ever heard of. One such pioneer is Charles P. Ginsburg.

Miraculous Survival

Ginsburg was born in America in the mid nineteen twenties. His father was a Russian immigrant of the Jewish faith, one of many who fled increasingly hostile conditions in Europe at the time. He suffered from an illness which had been fatal for most children in that era : juvenile diabetes. Because of the discovery of insulin, his condition became a manageable one. Had he been born less than two years earlier, the chances of his survival past infancy much less into adulthood would not have been much more than nil.

Early Promise

While his family did not have much money to spare, Charles showed a great deal of promise academically from early on. This did not go unnoticed and he was offered a scholarship to study at a high school fro the gifted. He made good on this and did his best but after graduating, his financial woes became a problem again when he was ready for college. He found medicine did not really appeal to him midway through the program, switched majors once or twice and then left school altogether. He found employment in a sound studio and missed the draft due to his diabetes.

Most Useful Inventions

The thing that Ginsburg will be remembered for most is his input in the creation of videotape, the first method of really recording images in motion that had wide commercial applicability. His first marriage allowed him opportunities to meet with influential people in the industry that assisted him. It is also to be noted that those who worked with him closely would remark on his ability to calm the groups he worked with to create a more harmonious work environment for everyone to enjoy. He passed away in April 1992.

Despite being born with a serious illness, having to deal with a divorce, an amputation and other hardships, Ginsburg accomplished much in his years on the planet.