How To Find A Good Topic For An Argumentative Essay Quickly

Discovering ideas on essay-themed websites

There are many websites on the Internet devoted to helping students to write essays. Some of these websites may take the form of free guides, providing advice about the writing process itself, whilst some other websites may simply offer students the possibility of downloading prewritten samples.

Generally, websites that do offer samples will either be free or require students to pay for them. Whilst the free option may sound more tempting, you are likely to get a higher quality of work and fewer complications when buying work from professional writing sites.

The samples you find can be a great source of inspiration to help you think of your own topic for your argumentative essay. Equally, websites providing advice and guidance may even list a range of topic ideas.

Reading news articles to find topical ideas to use

Because you will want a good topic that you can argue one way or the other, it can be beneficial to read news articles in order to find topical ideas that you can write about. There may be something that you agree with or disagree with that you find in news articles, which you can then use as the basis for your essay. When you are brainstorming ideas, it can be a good idea to find things that inspire strong emotions in you, as it can be easier to write argumentative style essays based on such topics.

Some ideas for argumentative topics

  • You can use the following titles to help think of ideas for your essay. Whether you agree with the statements or not can help you to decide which side you want to base your paper on – if you want to test your writing skills, you may even choose to argue against your beliefs.
  • Keeping exotic animals as pets should be made illegal
  • The production and shipping involved in the production of green cars mean that they are not actually environmentally friendly
  • Raising children as vegans is bad for their health
  • Smoking should be made illegal during pregnancy
  • All food for human consumption should be grown organically
  • Breast feeding should be made illegal in public
  • Drug addicts are suffering from and illness and should not be imprisoned for drug offences
  • Beauty pageants are sexist and outdated
  • Condoms and other forms of contraception should be given out for free in high schools
  • Fast food should come with a health warning

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