Where To Find Top-Quality Essay Examples Without Effort

If you believe that sample essays can be either good or free, this article is for you. Actually, you can get some of the best essay examples for free and without much effort. Just use the easy tips below.

  • Your tutor’s archive.
  • Most instructors store the best essays that have been submitted by their students. If you ask your tutor for examples of essays like the one assigned to you, he or she will probably let you have a look at them. Reading these essays will give you a clear and accurate idea of what your instructor is looking for. Moreover, the samples that have been selected among thousands of their likes should be excellently written.

  • Your textbooks.
  • Have you ever looked through your English textbook in your spare time? Or you just open it when and where required by your teacher? English textbooks contain some of the best essay examples on different subjects. Each sample was written by educational professionals, so you can be sure about their accuracy and compliance with rules. Use a textbook essay example as a guide for planning your own. Read attentively the accompanying writing tips and advice.

  • Writing guidebooks.
  • A handbook dedicated to essay writing is a great place where you can discover lots of top-notch examples at once. All you need to do is find this book in your local or school library. Due to high demand, essay writing guidebooks are published in great numbers. However, your library might have only few copies so you would not be allowed to take the book home. Ask for permission to photocopy the pages with sample essays. This way you can store them and use as your guides throughout your school or college years. If you have money to spare but lack time, considering buying an essay handbook for your personal use.

  • Official academic style guides.
  • You probably know that the styles in which most essays have to be written – APA and MLA – were created by professional organizations: American Psychologist Association and Modern Language Association, respectively. Check their official websites for style manuals. These guides are free to view and download, and they contain excellent sample essays specially designed for you to learn the respective style rules. Essays from APA and MLA manuals are perfect not only in terms of citing and formatting but also general flow, language, and factual accuracy. You can discover them virtually in a moment, without leaving your home.

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