A List Of Interesting World War 2 Essay Topics To Consider

What to consider when choosing an interesting topic on the subject of World War 2

Considering the number of battles and strategic plans and countries involved, finding a good topic should not be difficult. However, there are certain things that you should consider before settling on a title. For a start, you want to be sure that you truly understand what you are talking about, and that there is enough information for you to write a full and detailed article.

Look at historical events from another country’s point of view

If you want to make an essay that is slightly unique and original then it can be a good idea to take the viewpoint of a different country. Whilst we generally learn about history from one point of view - normally the country that was victorious - you can learn a lot more by finding out more about the opposing side.

Comparing events in World War 2 with other wars or how they helped shape the future

Another interesting idea to look at is by comparing events of the Second World War with battles or other similar events that have occurred in other conflicts. Equally, you can look at how the events of the Second World War shaped the future. For example, you can look at how the borders of Europe were changed and any institutions or treaties that were set up as a result of the conflict. Considering that the Second World War is one of the most important events in the history of mankind, it opens up a lot of possibilities, when it comes to writing essays.

  • What advances in technology came about as a result of World War 2?
  • How did technology, particularly in relation to military vehicles, influence the outcome of World War 2?
  • Which country was most responsible for the outbreak of World War 2
  • What years did the Second World War begin for different participating nations
  • How did the events of World War 2 shape Europe in the immediate aftermath of the conflict?
  • Was the United States justified in its use of the two about bombs on Japan?
  • How was Hitler able to gain so much power so quickly?
  • Compare and contrast the death toll of World War 2 with that of other wars
  • What role did propaganda play in the Second World War?
  • Choose two different battles from the Second World War and discuss how the weather influenced the different outcomes.