How To Find Good Topics For A Persuasive Essay: Tips And Ideas

A persuasive essay is a paper in which you convince your readers about your point of view. These essays are like argumentative ones, but somewhat kinder. The main idea of a persuasive essay is to make your readers sure that you have something to say about a certain topic and that your arguments are quite believable. In this light, it becomes clear that in case you want to compose a good project, you should choose a subject that gives you inspiration to speak and explain your point of view with the help of reliable arguments.

In case you have no idea about where to search for good topics for an academic paper of this type, you can try several options:

  • Search in your college libraries. Maybe, you will like the topic of an old work from archives and speak about it with fresh arguments.
  • Search on the Web. There are specialized websites that offer long ranges of ideas that can be interesting for you.
  • Search among online samples. You can find interesting and fresh topics in Internet databases of academic paper samples.

Still, you can try inventing a good topic on your own. It’s quite easy, depending on which spheres and aspects of life have ever taken your attention. You can also train your brain and try taking a subject from the area that has never attracted you. Alternatively, you can choose one from the listed below:

  1. Textbooks should be given to students for no fee.
  2. If you want to eat healthy, raise your own vegetables.
  3. It’s important to remember that animals have rights, too.
  4. Tests used at school show no true level of students’ abilities and skills.
  5. There should be limitations for usage of picture editors in advertisements and fashion magazines.
  6. Why it’s possible that there are extra-terrestrial civilizations.
  7. Body-positivism can help many people make their lives happier.
  8. Popular football players receive ridiculously overrated wages.
  9. Life has changed for the better within recent 50 years.
  10. It’s possible to compose a healthy meal out of a fast-food diner’s menu.
  11. Reasons why same-gender colleges can provide students with better education.
  12. Children under 15 should not be allowed to use social media and have account there.
  13. Schools should give more attention to teaching children Internet security tips.
  14. Positive sides of having one and the same global currency.
  15. Reasons why people who have enough food for themselves should share it with the poor and homeless.