Women In The Criminal Justice System

The ideal of law and justice should be given by the choice of a defendant or a defense counsel. However, if a person is charged with a crime, there will be more legal representation involved. The constitution of all democratic countries state that any individual has the right to be represented by an attorney, either a public defender or a private lawyer, man or woman. Taking into account what was previously stated, there is an issue to be raised. People may wonder whether the choice of a lawyer makes the difference. Should the chosen lawyer for the case be a public defender or a private lawyer? Should the chosen lawyer be a man or a woman? Moreover, should people opt for public or private defense? What are the similarities and differences between the two types of defense performed by a woman lawyer?

Drawing a comparison between the two types of legal representation, it should be mentioned that both public and private defense are required and find their place in the criminal justice system. These positions are occupied by both men and women. There are several similarities between a public defender and a private lawyer. Both have an exciting and rewarding career or enjoy practice of law that lacks boredom. Unlike the private lawyer, the public defender is appointed by the court, paid by the government to defend the client who does not afford to pay a private lawyer. In order to hire a public defender, the accused has to prove to the judge that he cannot afford a private lawyer. Still, the public defender is as trained as the private lawyer holding a license like any private defense lawyer. Women cannot be discriminated in this field of activity. Women can be both private lawyers and public defenders.

If you, as a citizen, were accused of a crime, who would you opt for? Would you choose a woman to represent you? Should this woman be a public defender that deals with felony cases on a regular basis? Or would you pay a private lawyer who has plenty of time to analyze the case and prepare for it? According to the general opinion, public defenders, thanks to their relationships within the justice system, may obtain reduced sentences for the clients who chose this type of defense. More than that, women in the criminal justice system should not be discriminated, because they are as well-prepared as men for being private lawyers or public defenders.