A List Of Great Problem Solution Essay Topics About Junk Food

As a student, you must have spent long hours carrying out extensive research for your academic essays. Student life is full of those times when you are in search of perfect topics for your essays and dissertations, particularly those which are in social context at the present day and age. One of the important and impactful areas of discussion when it comes to contemporary social context is health- how a combination of market dynamics and various social factors are culminating in a decline of global health and fitness. Junk food has a large role to play in this decline, providing people with a quick eating option that can go on to cause much damage if made into a sustained habit.

If you are looking to propound your thoughts and opinions on the problems caused by junk food and their possible solutions, here is a list of interesting and thought-provoking topics that you might consider for your homework or term paper

  • An Overview of the Junk Food Problem
  • A great way to start is to write a general essay about the entirety of the issue. You can explore some of the popularly held medical views about the broad effects of junk foods and the resultant health problems, and go on to provide plausible solutions that can increase awareness and tackle the problem head-on.

  • Social Factors
  • Explore the various social and economic factors which have a part to play in the advent of junk foods, and critique the current social system which is bedrock for junk food related health problems. You can comment on how to alleviate these social factors to control the problem.

  • High-fat Components in Junk Food
  • Most junk foods come with one or more ingredients which are high on fat and cholesterol-inducing substances. List a few such common ingredients and come up with alternative, low-fat replacements which can make eating junk food a healthier undertaking.

  • Aggressive Marketing and Social Awareness
  • Often, the high profile and aggressive marketing and promotional policy of junk food companies cloud the judgment of common people and prevent them from making rational and health-conscious decisions. Find ways to increase awareness about relevant health risks and allowing people to make informed decisions.

  • Junk Foods and Obesity
  • Regular consumption of junk food contributes to obesity- one of the most pressing global health problems at present. Obesity in turn can contribute to a slew of serious health issues, and you can provide viable solutions for the control and prevention of the condition.

  • Junk Foods and Diabetes
  • Prolonged consumption of junk foods has also been known to contribute to the development of diabetes, a growing global health concern. Outline some measures people can adopt to prevent the onset of this disease.