A List Of The Most Easy Topics To Write A Persuasive Essay

There are many instances when you are supposed to deliver your essay within a few hours. In that case you do not have enough time to undergo research collecting and organizing the content and preparing your essay. At the same time it has to be appealing and should have the potential to leave a heavy impact on the audience.

Pick out some very easy persuasive topics that you can consider for writing stated below-

  1. Why co-education is better than singe sex public schools? Discuss how it nurtures good morality and develops respect for the other gender.
  2. Should HIV infections and AIDS test should be carried out on annual basis? Why it should be made necessary? What precautions can be taken?
  3. Is death penalty the right way to develop morality in individuals? Should juveniles be saved from this punishment? How death penalty will lead to moral development enforcing strict laws? Should drug dealers be part of this punishment too?
  4. Owners should register their personal weapons with police. What will be its benefits and drawbacks?
  5. Can military alone curb smuggling of drugs? What is the role of public in preventing this heinous act? How public can enhance their cooperation? What training should be imparted to pubic? State some additional measures that can be taken by public for the welfare of the country.
  6. Is access of birth control pills right for teenage girls? How will it help them? How will it impose problems for their parents and the girl?
  7. Skills test should be made compulsory for teachers? State how it will help them brush up their knowledge? What should be the duration of renewing certification? Why should it be made compulsory?
  8. How harsh words in music are deteriorating the quality of life? Why students are enjoying whereas veterans are against it? How its quality can be enhanced? Discuss how music should be part of the meditation program and should be used to curb violence instead of promoting it.
  9. Restriction on television watching for various age groups. How it nurtures or deteriorates the standard and mental level of kids? Discuss the role of parents.
  10. Abortion legalization for rape victims: What will be its impact on public, girls and the criminals? Will it change public mindset? How girl victims can live a respectful life? Should it be carried out free of cost and other amenities should be provided to the rape victim?
  11. Is two the right number or children while family planning? How it will restrict population? What will be its role in the development of the country?

The topics mentioned above are extremely easy and have a wide scope to discuss many other parameters apart from points stated above.