Injustice In Native Son

Native Son is a famous works of the popular Richard Wright. In his work, Wright views injustice as a way or method that other people use for the oppression of the weak or those that are undermined in the society. In his works, Wright also tells how the people are discriminated against or even not treated fairly on the basis of the race from which they belong. It is depicted as unfortunate that justice systems can be corrupted by the racialism that exists in the society. In his works, the writer shows how the superiority of the whites led to the oppression of the inferior blacks in the society. The denial of justice or fair treatment is a major focus of the story.

How Injustice in Native Son is affected by Racialism

In Native Son, the idea of racialism and its effects in the society is a major focus for Writes. He uses the character Bigger. Bigger is one of those who are discriminated against as he comes from the black people’s race. He thus suffers from inferiority complex. He and the family suffer from poverty and barely gets a chance to acquire the education he and other family members deserves. He watches a movie in which the white have the role of oppressing the black. This makes him hate the whites for their superiority complex in the societies. His experience of languishing in poverty intensifies his hatred for the whites. He feels that how the blacks are treated is unfair and that the white should be stopped. The injustices from the whites are one reason that makes Bigger a bitter person and character. He lives in the fear of what the whites may do to the blacks at any time or moment. He feels that the injustices of the white people make them dangerous to the rest of the people. He thinks that these whites are untrustworthy and harmful. Bigger Later kills Mary. This did not make him feel any guilty. The writer depicts that the whites make the blacks suffer and thinks they suffer psychological torture from mistreatments and racialism. The injustices are also depicted by the media naming the whites as animalistic.

Injustice in Native Son: Hypocrisy of Injustice

The writer is keen is depicting the injustices in the systems. The facts or the circumstances under which Bigger kills Mary are not considered. This shows that the system is corrupt. The character Bigger in the judgment is unfairly treated as he is a black.