Personal Statement

Reasons For Applying For The MSc Program In Human Resources

I am choosing to apply for MSc program in human resources for various reasons. To begin with, being a resource officer has been my long term dream since my high school years. Besides that, I always had a passion for being a prominent contributor in the world of business ever since I was a little child. My father used to tell me that other than having a good job, it is always important to boost your income by venturing into business activities. Thus, as I grew up, that became my inspiration. Nonetheless, I came to realize that there are various business career paths that one can pursue when I was an undergraduate. Thus, after analyzing them effectively, I could not detach myself from the passion of being a human resource officer. I knew that by making up for the course, all my dreams will be within reach.

Consequently, I acquired extensive knowledge about being a human resource officer as an undergraduate. Being a human resource officer is advantageous because it empowers individuals to become leaders and top decision makers in their organizations. The career also empowers people to understand more about the operational activities of their companies because they will always be involved in the coordination of all departments. Besides that, human resource officers are also important in companies because they boost levels of coordination and coaching in their areas of jurisdiction leading to improved productivity.

Moreover, human resource officers are also instrumental in improving the communication protocols of their companies. For that reason, they oversee collaboration that is regarded as the core foundation of organizational success. More importantly, human resource officers are responsible for guiding their organizations to make the right decisions that can propel their enterprises to further levels of prosperity. In retrospect to that, it should also be noted that adding the position of a human resource officer to a company introduces new levels of management thus improving coordination and productivity in general. Human resource officers are also likely to come up with different degrees of management techniques that can essentially add value to their companies.

Another significant reason why I have chosen to apply for MSc program in human resources is the fact that as a human resource officer, I will have open opportunities of growing into a leader. Consequently, most people have been describing me as a natural leader because I loved to serve and guide other people. In fact, I was the secretary general of the student association of my university as an undergraduate. Surprisingly, I was elected into the position with seventy-four percent of the total vote cast. In short, other students had seen the potential of a good leader in me. Thus, I find the course as a suitable path for reaching for what other people are seeing for me because other than just being a leader, I will also have the opportunity of enhancing my career and management expertise.

The opportunity of being a human resource officer will enhance my career because I will be able to acquire the required experience that I can use to further my career. In addition to that, the career also empowers individuals to exercise their management strategies that add value to their career developments. Also, some companies tend to hire human resource officers to broaden their mentorship dimensions to their young members of staff. Thus, as the human resource officers are educated about techniques of nurturing the new members of the staff, they enhance their career developments. Consequently, a majority of human resource officers are usually mandated to assist in the execution of strategies and ideas. Thus, they tend to acquire a lot of knowledge as they fulfill their duties. The position of the human resource officer also enhances an individual’s career by helping them to acquire effective management styles from the top levels of the management. In short, I find MSc program in human resources as the most suitable course that will propel me into my career dream.

Skills And Achievements That I Have Acquired In Relation To Being A Human Resource Officer

I have developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills from my study years and working years. A great example of such skills is performance management. Performance management can be described as the capabilities of companies to identify their abilities, mobilize its workforce, and seizing opportunities are some of the core elements of managing their performances. From my individual experience, performance management is clearly shown by how effectively a firm can come up with techniques that are likely to improve the performance scores of their workers. Moreover, the extent by which a given company can align its objectives with that of the employees for the betterment of their productivities is also an essential element of performance management. Most importantly, it is worth to note that the underlying ability of organizations to mobilize its employees and resources for the betterment of its productivity has always been an essential element of performance management in HRM.

Besides that, knowledge management is also an essential skill that I managed to achieve as a student as well as during my working years. I have learned that most companies tend to utilize the information systems that they have to manage their knowledge. Consequently, firms that have useful techniques for retrieving information from the internet and other relevant platforms have high chances of performing competitively. Therefore, other than using the knowledge that has been acquired to train its employees, the HRM systems of companies also tends to support the employees in attending constructive events and meetings that are likely to boost their knowledge. Moreover, the HRM systems also support research practices because they serve to instill their employees with better sets of information that can be utilized to improve their productivity.

I also managed to acquire the skills of boosting employee relations. Consequently, I have learned that improving the relationship between different employees at particular organizations has evolved into a fair practice that is usually employed by the HRM of companies. As far as the productivity of firms is concerned, enhancing the relationship between different employees is the best technique for fostering collaboration and teamwork at the organizational levels. Thankfully, the HRM systems of various organizations tend to enhance and necessitate effective communication amongst their employees as a way of boosting the relationship that exists between them. From my working and studying experience, I learned that since the employees are engines that are designed to propel their companies, there are no better ways of working towards high production in enterprises other than through enhancing the good relationship between them.

From my studies and work experience, I also managed to improve my skills of how to handle the issue of internal communication which is a core skill that is required in human resource officers. I learned that the HRM systems companies should align the best strategies and organizational cultures that are usually aimed at improving their performance scores at various management and internal communication levels. I also learned that the best way of nurturing a success culture in an organization is through the cultivation of competent and resilience workforce. Moreover, responsible human resource officers should have the skills that can be utilized to improve the performance scores of the employees at different levels of the management. Other than designing the organizational culture, the human resource officer should also bear the responsibility of overseeing the functional excellence of their companies at any given level. The human resource officers should also be ready take part in measuring the performance scores of their workers as well as the level of performance of their organizations as a whole in comparison to that of other companies. That way, it becomes much easier for the HRM of any given company to understand where and what to improve on their fundamental practices to propel their organizations towards success. Thus, I believe that these skills are integral to developing a successful career within customer services.

My Work Experience And How My Studies Will Relate To My Future Plans

I have a five years working experience working in customer services and I believe that the experience that I have acquired will be very instrumental for my future plans of beings human resource officer. My experience of working in the customer facing roles has been furthered by my current job at a contact center. Through the jobs, I have learned that customers are always right and that they should be treated with the dignity that they deserve. As a human resource officer in the future, I may get a job opportunity that offers direct services to the customers. Thus, one of the core objectives that I will prioritize is the virtue of valuing the customers. Consequently, I will use the experience that I have acquired while dealing with the customers to cultivate a workforce that will appreciate the roles of the customers.

From my work experiences, I also learned that the core strategy that oversaw the success of the organizations that I worked for is the presence of good leaders who could coordinate different workers to undertake their responsibilities. Consequently, responsible leaders have all the required skills that can be utilized to improve the performance scores of the employees at different levels of the management. Most importantly, leaders are core components for guiding and propelling organizations towards success. Thus, as a human resource officer in future, I will always oversee that appointment of competent and effective leaders to assist me in other levels of management.

Besides that, I also learned the power of teamwork at any level of responsibility from both my previous and current job experiences. Consequently, it had never been any easier for me or any of my co-workers to undertake our duties by ourselves. We always sought the assistance and support from each other when things went wrong. More importantly, the virtue of teamwork also empowered us to complete difficult tasks with precision and in time. Hence, as a future human resource officer, I will always work to ensure that teamwork and collaboration are upheld in my area of jurisdiction at all times.

Finally, from my work experience, I also learned that talent management is also an important aspect for overseeing organizational success. Currently, a majority of companies are prioritizing the issue of managing its talents to enhance their general performance and competitiveness. Thus, other than employing techniques for assessing talents, the concerned stakeholders have also designed ways of training their talents to nurture them for their basic responsibilities. It is also worth to note that organizations have also been adopting multiple methods of retaining the talents by designing flexible work arrangements for them and providing them with mentorship programs amongst other initiatives. Thus, as a human resource officer in future, I will ensure that the management of talent is prioritized at all times in my area of jurisdiction for improvement of productivity. In short, I have every reason to believe that choosing to apply for MSc program in human resources will be a significant step in working towards the fulfillment of my lifelong dreams of being a human resource officer.