Traditional Marriage

Marriage is a legal contract signed by two people, a man, and a woman. Entering a marriage contract give both husband and wife new obligations and right by changing their legal status. The majority of the public believe that marriage preserves the family unit. Traditionally marriages were important in the preservation of civilization and morals. The principle found traditional marriage institutions that it is the obligation of a husband to provide support to his wife, and it was the duty of a wife to serve her husband. Husbands’ duty was to provide a safe house, providing basic needs and to live with wife in his house. Wife, on the other hand, was to maintain the home, having sexual relationship with the husband and looking after the children.

Benefits of traditional marriage

Marriage is meant for sex and sex is what ticks marriages. Traditionally people believed that non-marital sex was harmful to an individual and the society in general which made marriages be an important occasion for those who were involved. Traditional marriages were exclusively heterosexual which made sex to conform to the biological design of sexuality and also help to fulfill the reproductive principles. Historical sex relationships that were not based on marriage undid the societal goods that were associated with natural family and marriages. These goods that were associated with marriage would be nullified whenever the marriages were altered. These benefits were married couple had a longer lifespan, were healthier with fewer heart attacks, had minimal problems with alcohol and behaved in a more mature ways, had a lot of sex that was more satisfying and were allowed to be more wealthy people than single people. Another benefitting fact of marriage to women traditionally is that it provided physical security to her. The importance of marriage can be compared to that of couples in cohabitation relationship that has been related to low levels of satisfaction, marital instability and higher rates of marital disagreement.

Promoting the term “traditional marriage” as a sin

In the today society, the term “traditional marriage” has been used by the opponents of the gay marriage to promote prejudice, discrimination, bigotry, and hostility towards the lesbian and gay people. Among the anti-gay, the term justifies a social injustice in denying the lesbian and gay individual equal treatment and human dignity. The use of the term is sinful since it encourages constitutional unfairness in different countries and the dignity of a person making that act to be morally wrong. If one fills that looking upon others in the society to be unworthy and undeserving to those who finds it to be good, then the use of the term “traditional marriage” is sinful.