What Is The Definition Of Success?

Success is a term that is used to describe the fact of achieving or attaining the desired or correct outcome of an endeavour or attempt, fame, respect and wealth. One can be successful in different ways and varying degrees. One can be successful in education, sports, business, career and family to a high, moderate or low level.

Success never comes quickly; it encompasses a great deal of sacrifices. One has to sacrifice his time and resources to be successful in an attempt. Hard work, devotion and determination are mandatory for you to succeed. Like it is popularly said; hard work pays, the fruits of success are sweet and desirable by everybody. People who succeed in any discipline of life are respected and recognised by other members of the society. Other forms of success like educational success and career success come with huge lifetime goal satisfaction.

How to be successful in life?

People in general share something in common regardless of their origin, race, ethnicity or occupation, the desire to succeed. People perceive success different ranging from fame and wealth to being a responsible and caring parent or loving and faithful spouse. It is every person’s desire to be successful in life to have a comfortable life. Although success is everyone’s desire, it does not come easily. There are means and ways that one has to live by to be successful.

Firstly, always think big. Engaging in active thinking is one road to success. Active thinking involves thinking outside the box by looking at issues and problems from different dimensions to find different solutions to same problem. Big thinking is a tank for generating many different ideas from which a resolution can be based. Be deciding on undertaking any step, you have to think broadly about the consequences and outcomes of your choices and this will always keep you in check when it comes to decision making.

Secondly, do not be afraid of failure. Failure is the opposite of success but the path to success. For you to succeed in life, you have to be a risk taker as everything about life is all about risk taking. Success is not for the weak in heart and mind but the strong both in heart and mind.

Fruits of success

Many people believe that success leads to a comfortable life. Success encompasses financial freedom, having a good house and driving a nice vehicle. Success comes with fame and respect from the society. Successful people are highly regarded in the society.